Q: How long does it take to install a borehole?
A: A site survey will need to be done and this will determine how long the installation will take.

Q: How far apart are boreholes meant to be?
A: A borehole should be at least 20 feet apart.

Q: How do boreholes get water?
A: A borehole receives water from rivers and rain.

Q: How much is it to install a borehole?
A: It all depends on which borehole company you choose to go with. But on a rough estimate it will be anywhere between R85 000 – R100 000.

Q: Do you pay for borehole water?
A: No you do not pay for borehole water the only cost that comes with a borehole is the installation and the service/maintenance and repairs needed.

Q: Is borehole water safe to drink?
A: Yes borehole water is very safe to drink.

Q: Does borehole water make you sick?
A: This is all dependent on ones immune systems. But yes sometimes borehole water can affect a person with an upset stomach if not used to borehole water.

Q: How long does the underground water last?
A: Underground water can last up to 90 years.

Q: Is underground water clean?
A: Yes, Underground water is clean because the soil filters the water and there are no harmful chemicals in the water.

Q: Can a borehole be placed anywhere?
A: It is all dependent how large the property is to have a borehole installed.